10th International Conference on COPD and Lung Health

10th International Conference on COPD and Lung Health

Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo has been asked to speak at the 10th International Conference on COPD and Lung Health held during November 22-23, 2022 (virtual conference), organized by Allied Academies. He will be speaking about “Small Mobile Stem cell therapy mode of administration and presumed mechanism of action in COPD.”

Abstract follows:

Lungs respond well to injury by stimulating the process of regenerating using endogenous stem and progenitor cells. Endogenous cell therapy is based on recruiting these cells, usually attempted using small molecules. The approach using a simple small molecule often benefits from easy and direct administration through inhalation but is challenged by the complexity of the orchestrated process of tissue regeneration. The approach using a complex agent, as in Cell therapy, can be achieved by administering exogenous cells that eventually substitute for endogenous cells and perform the necessary sequence of events involved in tissue regeneration. These cells are administered in humans systemically through intravenous injection and cannot be administered directly to the lung. Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells multiple modes of action can be based on the in vitro complex stimulation and multitargeting of alveolar type 2 cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and endothelial cells, suggesting an endogenous mechanism that resonates with the complexity of lung tissue regeneration. SMS cell’s small size and exceptional robustness allow for its direct administration to the lung by inhalation using a nebulizer.

He looks forward to this opportunity to share the innovative advances we are making at SMSbiotech.



October 18, 2022
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