5th World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research, 2015

5th World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research, 2015

Title: Relevance and Scope of SMS Derived Multicellular Micro Machines (M3) in Native Tissue Reconstruction.

Presenter: Abdulkader Rahmo, PhD

“The newly discovered Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cells exhibit the extraordinary ability to form diverse complex cooperative multicellular assemblies. These assemblies have a demonstrated aptitude for engineering tissue like structures in an in vitro cell culture set up. The observed approach to construction can be ascribed to a top down modus operandi at a micro level. It is executed by units we designated as Multicellular Micro Machines (M3). To explore the relevance and scope of this in vitro discovery, for the in vivo case of tissue reconstruction, M3 assemblies and their traces were hunted in a broad variety of native tissue organizations. Results indicate the importance of implicating the M3 mediated mechanism in native tissue reconstruction; and demonstrate hence the fundamental role of Native Adult SMS Cells”



March 26, 2015
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