ICancer 2019: 3rd International Cancer Conference And Expo

ICancer 2019: 3rd International Cancer Conference And Expo

Title: ANGIOstream™: A Novel Angiogenesis in vitro Assay System

Presenter: Abdulkader Rahmo PhD

“The Extracellular matrix is an essential component of in vivo Angiogenesis. Current in vitro Angiogenesis assays capture only early stages of micro-vessel formation. A unique Angiogenesis assay system (ANGIOstream) that uses a proprietary human extracellular matrix, derived from small mobile stem cells, is able to apply merely regular human primary endothelial cells to capture and monitor, in vitro, a complex multi-stage, multi-step process of developing micro vessels into macrovessels. The large vessels become visible to the naked eye. This capability would provide, first-time, ample opportunities for interrogating anti-Angiogenesis drugs, in vitro, at significantly more mature stages of vessel formation.”



June 5, 2019
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