4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit

4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit

We are excited about being selected to participate in the  4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit, held in San Francisco, CA

On June 29th, 2022 at 3:30 pm, Dr. Abdulkader Rahmo (CSO SMSbiotech) presented “Small Mobile Stem Cells Regenerating Lung Alveoli Exceeding Same Age Control Values” in the Poster Networking Session.

The 4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit is uniting the leading minds in the longevity field as they strive to develop novel and effective anti-aging drugs and overcome preclinical, regulatory, clinical, and translational obstacles. This year’s summit will provide in-depth insights into the development of anti-aging drugs aiming to enhance the health span, whilst uncovering the key R&D challenges limiting the development of these therapies.



June 24, 2022
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