ATS: Respiratory Innovation Summit 2022

ATS: Respiratory Innovation Summit 2022

May 13-14th Dr. Rahmo will be attending the American Thoracic Society: Respiratory Innovation Summit in San Francisco, CA.

This event will unite the innovators, investors, clinicians, and advocacy groups who are leading the charge to create powerful new treatments for deadly and crippling diseases of the lungs and airways. Historically, it attracts 200+ global leaders representing all facets of the respiratory industry, including representatives from start-ups, business development, venture capital, government, academia, and clinical medicine.

For 2022, the focus areas are fibrosis, inflammation, and COVID-19. Each area will feature an expert panel discussion and five innovating companies in focused, interactive burst sessions. Dr. Rahmo will be presenting a scientific poster on the topic of COPD cell therapy,  and answering questions about our Small Mobile Stem Cell technology.

If you are attending and would like to meet with Dr. Rahmo please email him at



May 12, 2022
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